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The negative implications of ecollar bans have lead to movements to reverse them. In Netherlands and Wales, there has been an increase in dog attacks which have lead to a 450% increase in annual death of livestock. While this doesn’t directly correlate to the urban environments of San Francisco and New would likely translate to an increase in dog bite incidents, dogs getting hit by cars, dogs attacking wildlife, and dogs being abandoned in shelters. 

Banning eCollars and/or other humane aversive training tools will result in the tragic deaths of hundreds of thousands of dogs.

Consequences and Fallout

  • Less shelter dogs getting adopted

  • Increase in dogs getting surrendered to Shelters

  • Increase in population of shelter dogs

  • Increase in "Humane Behavioral Euthanasias"

  • Increase in dog bite incidents and attacks

  • Breed Specific Legislations and banning of certain breeds

  • The Decline of high energy working breeds

  • Banning of protection and competition dog sports

Brown Dog

In recent years there have been countries who implemented bans on training tools. These countries also heavily regulate other aspects of dog ownership. Such as the right to own the breed of your choice: breed specific legislation has lead to blanket euthanasia and restrictions on mastiff, bully breeds and other breeds that are considered potentially dangerous without regard to a dogs individual temperament. Other regulations include strict breeding practices that go as far as banning cavalier King Charles spaniels and English bulldogs, euthanasia and zero tolerance policies towards dogs who have a bite record or aggressive behavior, dog sport bans and even criminalizing the use of crate training.

To force free ideologists it's not about the dogs in front of them, it's about themselves, their beliefs and the way they view the world.

Political animal rights extremists referring to themselves as...

  • Force Free

  • Fear Free

  • Purely Positve

  • Reward Based Only

  • Positive Reinforcement Only


Have launched attacks on dog training, dog owners, and the livelihood and welfare of many dogs. In Europe, many dog trainers ignored the lobbying by the Force Free ideological extremists and did not stand up and fight back against the baseless dogma. To progress in passing their legislations, they're using survey oriented, misleading, biased, and poorly conducted Scientific Studies that many well funded biased organizations such as AVSAB support and condone.

These biased organizations are choosing to the ignore the many other Scientific Studies that indicate otherwise.

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